Dear Rolling Stones fan,

Let me introduce myself, my name is Rob and I live in the Netherlands.

Nice to see you pay a visit to my website.

I was born four years before the Rolling Stones released their first single "Come on" in 1963.
A relative, who always called me Robbiestone, unconsciously gave the name for this website which I founded back in 2000.

When I heard "Get yer ya-ya's out" for the first time back in 1974 I became petrified. Even today this is my favorite live CD among the official releases.


This petrification continued rapidly, I bought more Rolling Stones LPs, bootlegs and books, and things began to start rolling. My favorite period is the seventies, especially because of guitar-player Mick Taylor. They simply shouldn't have let him go.



I enjoy working on this website, my son laid the foundations for it. Especially because I'm finally able to update, extend and maintain this website on my own.

This hobby got me in touch with many nice people, some of them even for 40 years.

After the three concerts at the Feijenoord stadium back in 1982 I was determined to never miss a concert when they'd perform in the Netherlands.

Here you can see the history of all Rolling Stones concerts I've attended since 1982.

It was simply unimaginable to sit at home in front of the TV while the band performed nearby.

I kept this promise till after the five concerts in 1998 at the Amsterdam Arena.
After the first evening in this horrible sea of echo I questioned myself: "Am I supposed to go here for another 4 nights?".


Because writing (advertisements and articles) is also a hobby of mine, next to music, I couldn't resist to poke the Dutch media in order to gain some attention regarding the complaints about the Arena.
The consequence was a reflex from several media, apparently awakened, and they paid quite some attention to it.

My meet-and-greet with the Rolling Stones in 1998 was the jewel on the crown of being fan since 1974.
It was so unreal, I couldn't realize that a strong, almost impossible, wish became true.
Every now and then I still play this movie in my head, in order to keep the memory fresh.

Between Mick Jagger & Ron Wood
( photo: Paul Bergen )


In 2003 there was a nice addition, where I attended a Club Gig in Vredenburg.
The feeling of their unreachableness has degraded quite a bit after this meeting, it's still giving me a nice feeling.

In 1987 I contributed for the first time to the organization of a Rolling Stones day, held every few years in a bar in Eindhoven .
Since 2001 Café Altstadt organizes the Rolling Stones days, held annually on each last Sunday of January.

This day is known all over the country with about 250 to 300 visitors from the Netherlands and outside.
Music has become part of my life, I'm still interested in good music of today (albeit scarce, unfortunately).

Besides the Rolling Stones, I regularly visit concerts in large or small venues.
Joe Bonamassa,U2, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Neil Young with Crazy Horse, Lenny Kravitz, Anouk, The Tragically Hip, Pearl Jam, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Blues music and my symphonic favorite, the group YES describes the genre which appeals me most.

Here is a small ticket overview of the hundreds of big and small concerts which I've attended since 1976 besides the Rolling Stones.

I'd appreciate it if you would leave a message in my guest book.

Thank you for visiting my Rolling Stones website,